Lake Serenity                                                              Fishing a-la Carp

The Fishermans Paradise


We provide shortstay and weekend fishing holidays for all ages. Disabled friendly and ecologically sound.

A private fishery consisting of a 16 acre lake well stocked with quality Common Carp ( 80cm and above) set in 44 acres of semi wooded countryside.
The fishery is 3 miles (5km)  from the village of Voynika set in the beautiful foothills of the province of Straldja.
Straldja is in South Eastern  Bulgaria nestled close to the borders of Greece and Turkey.

Voynika is 40 minutes drive from Bourgos International Airport.



Due to the high temperatures in mid-summer the fish seek deeper waters during daylight hours and so evening/night fishing is recommended.

Have look at our Youtube videos HERE   New videos being put up all the time ready for our AUGUST 2014 Opening.